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Building an art portfolio for college can be an overwhelming task. Let me layout a clear, consise program for you. I will personally monitor your portfolio from start to finish and coach you through the process.  I will set custom goals for you so that you may maximize your scholarship opportunities and help you meet your deadlines. You Deserve to go to the Art School of Your Choice.

Together we can make that happen!

Tell me about yourself and we can get started right away!

John Morfis is a superior teacher who instills his students with a drive for excellence. Under his guidance, I developed an outstanding portfolio that helped me be accepted into all 8 of the art schools to which I applied. He’s the best!

Katie University of the Arts | Illustration Major

Stay on task.

  • Continuous assessments of your artwork
  • A custom program designed for you
  • Portfolio editing/optimizing
  • Materials & technique lessons
  • Video resources


Who is the coach?

Hello, I’m John Morfis and I’ve been helping visual art students get into the colleges of their choice for over a decade. I actively work with art students to maximize their scholarship opportunities. More about me.

I get results. Period.
I have worked with hundreds of visual art students for over a decade and know precisely how to create the strongest portfolio possible in the shortest amount of time.
Investing in my program is investing in the college of your dreams. Don’t sell your future short.

John’s program was extremely helpful in my preparation to apply to an art program. His input was crucial in deciding which work to include and even what types of new work I needed to create to make my portfolio the greatest possible reflection of my artistic abilities. Having never created a professional portfolio before, it was especially useful and comforting to have John guiding me through the process.

Kaleigh Endicott College - Photography

You are so close to a great career that is flexible, fun and creative. Let me give you advantages other students have never dreamed of!

I know first hand how difficult it can be to put together an art portfolio. While all the requirements for individual schools seemed overwhelming to me, John Morfis was always willing to give me advice. By chatting with John, he was able to identify my strengths, weaknesses, and precisely what pieces fit best in my portfolio. Without John’s help, I would not have been accepted into my dream school!

Hartford Art School - Printmaking